Majority of drivers would consider EV purchase after lockdown

The majority of drivers have noticed a decline in air pollution during lockdown and would be willing to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) to help keep it this way, according to a survey carried out Smart Home Charge.

According to the survey, which was conducted on 291 people, 72.5% of respondents said good air quality was ‘very important’ to them with 97% saying they have noticed the positive effect that lockdown has had on local air quality.

68.4% of respondents acknowledged that having too many petrol/diesel vehicles on the road is having the biggest impact on air pollution and consequently 66% said they would be willing to purchase a fully electric car to help keep air pollution levels down.

14.4% said they would be willing to cycle and walk more, 2.1% said they would consider car-sharing, and 3.1% said they would avoid driving into town altogether.

Over 50% of respondents also said they would be more likely to buy a new or used EV in the next year if the government introduced a scrappage scheme for petrol and diesel cars.

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