Why I bought a Renault Zoe and a Hyundai Ioniq Electric: owner review

Back in 2015, Kevin Booker and his wife wanted a quirky car few people owned – now they own two electric cars and wouldn’t look back. Here’s why…

You might say that my wife and I ‘get’ electric cars now: we started our journey with a Renault Zoe Q210 (22kwh battery) back in December 2015 for my wife’s small daily commute as a way to test the feasibility of an electric vehicle and have grown in confidence from there.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric 2020 (Image: Hyundai)

Hyundai IONIQ Electric 2020 (Image: Hyundai)

Over the past four and a half years we have covered more than 42,000 miles, and I’d say that our experiences have only been positive. What’s not to love? The ease of driving, the quietness, the power and instant torque and the cheap running costs all stand out.

We’ve had adventures all over England and Wales and always been surprised and delighted by the number of people that want to stop for a chat about the car, with lots of questions, around its range and how long it takes to charge.

If there are frustrations, they are not down to the car. We love driving the Zoe, but there are issues with the charging infrastructure, which lags behind what you would find in many other countries.

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