Free fuel for life: Nissan and CSIRO launch solar-powered EV charging station trial

Nissan is conducting a 200-day trial to find out if you can run an electric car on the power of the sun.

It’s the dream of any motorist: free fuel for life – and Nissan Australia is poised to find out if it’s possible and practical.

Nissan has unveiled three electric-car charging stations at its head office in Melbourne powered by solar panels on its roof.

They are part of a 200-day trial to find out if solar-powered charging stations can provide truly emissions-free motoring.

Nissan Leaf 3.Zero e+ (Image: Nissan)

Nissan Leaf (Image: Nissan)

The charging station is the first of its type in Australia because it can be programmed to draw energy from a range of sources at certain times.

The charging stations can source energy from solar panels or the traditional coal-powered electricity grid.

Those sources of energy can then be used to charge the station’s built-in 6kWh battery pack – or send energy directly to an electric vehicle.

It means that depending on weather conditions, an electric car can be recharged using solar power only – or energy in the battery can be generated purely by solar power.

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