All-New 2018 Nissan Leaf Conquers The 3 Highest Peaks In A Day

A team from Nissan, together with the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf, were involved in an extreme test of both electric and human endurance in support of an all-electric attempt at the National Three Peaks Challenge in the UK recently.

The National Three Peaks Challenge involves ascending and descending the three highest peaks of Scotland (Ben Nevis, 1,345 metres), England (Scafell Pike, 978 metres), and Wales (Snowdon, 1,085 metres), and driving between all three, in just 24 hours.

Nissan Leaf (Image: Qurren/Wikipedia)

Nissan Leaf (Image: Qurren/Wikipedia)

With the Leaf offering a larger capacity battery (40 kWh) and longer range (270 km combined), and the UK’s rapid charging infrastructure well developed along the route, two teams joined forces on a warm June day to take on the challenge.

Split into two units of Nissan Leaf, the teams started at 12 pm at Ben Nevis on one of Scotland’s hottest days of the year, with temperatures nearing 30-degrees Celsius. Descending the mountain mid-afternoon, the journey continued south to England, the Lake District and Scafell Pike, which was climbed in the very early hours of the morning with ambient temperatures still topping 20-degrees.

The morning of the second day brought the teams into Wales and towards their final destination of Snowdonia and the final peak – Snowdon.

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