Highways England on track to meet electric vehicle charging goal by summer 2019

Highways England is on track to reach its targets for deployment of electric vehicle chargers next summer after revealing that 83% of its network is within 20 miles of a charger.

The government body set a target of ensuring 95% of its strategic road network was served by an electric vehicle charger within this distance by 2020. This work is being carried out as part of a £15 billion investment promised in a road investment strategy up to 2021.

Through a programme of grant initiatives, collaboration with local authorities and use of a specialist framework of suppliers, the former Highways Agency has made significant progress towards this target.

In addition, plans are already in place to deliver the remaining chargers as a Highways England spokesman explained to Current±.

“We continue to work collaboratively with local authorities to provide grants to install charge points on local authority land, which will help us achieve a further 4% of coverage towards our commitment. We anticipate this could be achieved by summer 2019.

“We will be awarding a specialist framework for the installation of a further 65 rapid chargers, again by summer 2019, to provide a further 8% coverage.”

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  1. James van de Vyver


    Highways England isn’t meeting or doing anything to make EV charging more accessible or reliable! Ecotricity chargers are now so unreliable that I do not include them at all in my charging plan on longer trips.

    • Trevor Larkum


      James, sorry for the slow response. I agree – thinks seem to have largely stalled in the UK. Highways England seem more talk than action, and I agree that the Ecotricity network is going downhill. It’s even worse with my i3 than it used to be with my ZOE. Having said that, there are some up and coming networks doing better – Instavolt in particular is getting very good reviews.

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