Our Vision for Fuel Included

We want our customers to understand what we are about and where we are heading.

Our immediate goal is to transform how you find the right electric car for you. We want to make your experience more enjoyable, and ensure that we leave the world cleaner and greener than we find it. Our larger goals extend into the world of green energy, and, to help explain what we mean, I have recorded a short video message outlining our vision for this industry.


Video Link

The full transcript is here:

“At Fuel Included we want to have an impact on climate change by changing the way people engage with cars and energy.
We use the internet to talk to our customers, and offer innovative ways for them to own green technologies.
Our goal is to make owning an electric car easy, fun and value for money. To do this, we sell electric cars with a unique offer; the cost of the fuel is included in the cost of the car giving fixed price motoring.
We are preparing to sell Solar Panels and Battery Storage solutions to give you energy security and independence.
Ultimately, our vision is to provide your car, your energy systems and your energy for both home and travel as a single package that saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.
So please join us at Fuel Included and become part of the green energy revolution.”

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