Smart ForTwo: Second Generation is Smarter than the First

When Mercedes first started this sub-brand, even it can’t have fully envisaged just how relevant a Smart car with an electric drivetrain would be in 2017

Smart FourTwo

While the first-generation Fortwo Cabriolet Electric Drive was good, it had its limitations. Those limits have been pushed back by this new model.

When you hop in, and it’s easy to do, you realise that the new car is larger, in fact a whole 110mm wider, which makes it feel far more grown-up. There’s more stowage, a smarter dashboard and a useful 7in touchscreen controlling the integrated TomTom. It feels like just the place to go from one side of the city in some style.

Smart FourTwo

The new electric motor is similar to the one in the Renault Zoe, and makes 81bhp and a relatively substantial 118lb ft of torque. That’s up on the first model, and it has a new battery pack that sits low under the seat for a great centre of gravity. That also allows another 10 miles of range, giving you a claimed range of 96 miles.

This is a city car, so you’ll need to be in a situation where you can recharge it easily, but Smart reckons a 2.5 hour charge using fast-charge software will give you a full battery ready to go again.

Smart FourTwo

So this isn’t a car you’re going to want to use for pounding down the motorways, but in city streets you’d rather be in this than say a BMW 5 Series. Horses for courses, depending on your lifestyle. If you do need to spend time in congested, narrow streets, then the Fortwo Cabriolet ED is just the mode of transport.

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