Why the BMW i3 94 Ah is the king of mid range electric cars

It’s just been crowned the inaugural 2017 World Urban Car Award winner at the New York International Show, but does the BMW i3 94 Ah (yes, that’s the model’s proper name, thank you very much) deserve recognition? Without doubt, the answer is a resounding yes. The attention is well-deserved.

BMW i3

Some car companies have taken charge (pun intended) and faced the future head on with the acceptance that either we like it or not, electric mobility is here to stay, while other car manufacturers are still in denial. BMW is among the leading manufacturers of this movement towards e-mobility.

The 2017 BMW i3 is amazing to drive, clean, elegant, subcompact (allowing you to park and maneuver easily), and widely available.

Compared with the original i3 (which has a battery capacity of 60 Ah), the 2017 BMW i3 has a larger battery in terms of capacity (94 Ah/33kwh), meaning increased driving range, but its physical size stays the same.

BMW i3, 94Ah Battery

Another thing car enthusiasts are buzzing about the 2017 BMW i3 is the immediate response you get from the electric engine. It offers 150kW and 250Nm of torque, with both available anytime you want to use it.

One of the model’s biggest advantages lies in the way it is constructed. Underneath the 2017 BMW i3 is a carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) passenger cell. This feature helps the car maintain its high torsional rigidity but at the same time without putting too much weight.

The 2017 BMW i3 offers satellite navigation, automatic lights and wipers, and a rear-view camera among its standard features. Other features include a multimedia system that boasts of four speakers plus a digital radio, as well as an interior trim mostly made of recycled material, sticking to its eco-friendly routes.

The 2017 BMW i3 BMW i3 comes with the standard complement of safety features. These include six airbags specifically designed for a model that has slim as well as lightweight seat frames.

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