BMW i3 Shows What Nissan Leaf & Chevy Bolt Are Missing

The priority in the EV market right now is for cars to offer the best driving range around and this is why many manufacturers are pushing for 200 miles as the new bare minimum.

The latest Chevrolet Bolt is already capable of offering 238 miles of EV range and the next-gen Nissan Leaf promises something similar. BMW, on the other hand, seems unbothered by it because the i3 is still viewed as a success despite not able to keep up with rival EVs on the sales front.

For BMW, they are targeting a niche market that wants luxury and exclusivity. While the i3 may be far behind its rivals in terms of driving range, it does come with a couple of features that reflects well on BMW’s luxurious status.

One of the features which many are pleased for is the suicide doors. As how you can see in the picture above, the door layout is just so rare to come by these days that it automatically became the single most attractive feature on the i3.

Even those that have purchased the i3 cannot get bored of the suicide doors hence we are not expecting the feature to go away on the next-gen BMW i3.

Source: NSE Voice

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