Ford Focus Electric gets 140-mile range and new charging tech

Ford puts European spec Focus Electric on par with US market counterpart, with additional range and fast-charging technology

Ford has quietly issued an update to the electrified version of its popular family hatchback, the Focus Electric, boosting the range European buyers can expect and fitting fast-charge technology.

The updates bring the European spec Focus Electric on par with the US market version, with a larger, denser battery pack at the heart of the package. The 23kWh capacity cell has been replaced by a 33.5kWh version, though it’s still mated to a 107kW electric motor – the equivalent of 143bhp.

Ford Focus Electric (Image: Ford)

Ford Focus Electric (Image: Ford)

As such, performance remains the same as before, with 0-62mph dealt with in 11.4 seconds. The jump in quoted range is noticeable though and Ford claims the Focus Electric can do 140 miles on a single charge – up from 100 miles previously.

Alongside the denser battery pack, Ford has introduced new charging technology. The Focus Electric uses the industry-standard Combined Charging System (CCS), compatible with roadside and service station fast charging points and can now be topped up to 80 per cent in 30 minutes.

Charging technology and battery packs aside, the Focus Electric gains updates in the cabin too. It’s now fitted with Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment and connectivity setup with voice commands, plus Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Order books for the updated Focus Electric are open across Europe now.

Source: AutoExpress

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