Renault ZOE from eCar Club

The event yesterday went well, after which it was time to head back north. There was just about enough charge to get back home but I called in to Newport Pagnell services for a 10 minute top-up rather than take a chance .

Since my i3 was damaged in an accident last week, I had booked the ZOE from E-Car Club so that we would have something to show. I had previously made use of their Nissan Leafs a couple of times, but not a ZOE before. Anyway it was very easy and I recommend them.

It was interesting to drive a ZOE again after a few months in the i3. While the ZOE doesn’t have the range or performance of the i3, it certainly does some things better – like the touchscreen multimedia system and satnav, and having a reversing camera as standard.

Anyway I got the ZOE back to its home (Berrywood Hospital in Northampton) with no problem. It was a simple matter to unload it, lock it up with the eCar card, and put it to bed (on charge).

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