2016 BMW i3 94Ah review

The new BMW i3 94Ah adds more electric range to what’s arguably the most distinctive everyday electric vehicle

A battery upgrade for the BMW i3 sees range almost doubled

A battery upgrade for the BMW i3 sees range almost doubled

The BMW i3 94Ah has just had its first major upgrade since this radical all-electric model was launched two and a half years ago.

The unusual 94Ah name refers to the car’s brand new lithium ion battery pack, which allows the i3 to travel longer distances between charges. Mounted under the cabin floor, the new battery is the same physical size as the original i3’s battery, which means there’s no reduction in boot space, but the energy density of the unit has been improved by 50% to 33kWh.

What’s the 2016 BMW i3 94Ah like to drive?

The biggest change you’ll notice when driving the new i3 is the extra range. Although the official EU testing regime rates the new i3 as having a 195-mile range, even BMW acknowledges this is not indicative of its real-world capability.

Instead, it claims the 94Ah has a realistic range of 124 miles, a figure that can even be achieved in more extreme weather conditions. Electric vehicles usually suffer a range reduction in cold, winter weather, when the car’s heating and headlights are in use. Summer range can also suffer if the energy-hungry air-con is being used. However, BMW promises the i3 will deliver that 124-mile range whatever the weather.

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