General Electric Lithium-Ion Energy Storage System (Image: GE)

Battery Cost Reductions Lead To Rise In Battery Energy Storage Market

The energy storage system market is expanding at a fast pace, and 2016 could double the world’s power output of installed ESS. ESS is becoming dominated by lithium-ion batteries – cost reductions of those batteries, combined with government funding programs and utility tenders, brings tremendous growth of orders, according to IHS. The global pipeline of

BMW plug-in cars (Image: BMW)

BMW’s i models form foundations for green future

BMW’s current fleet of vehicles has a number of green models available – but the company wants to push efficient cars further to the forefront of its model line-up and has developed a range of systems to help support it. With the recent launches of the BMW 330e and 225xe plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models, the


Tesla’s all-electric flagship Model S gives you range confidence. The 20th Century failed to deliver several high profile science fiction promises: jetpacks exist but are impractical, flying cars never worked, and working androids are still yet to arrive outside of a Japanese technology conference. The 21st Century is doing a little better. It’s now possible

“Our goal is really to create a world where everyone is able to cover their own energy needs with a decentralized energy source.”

Sonnen ships Ten Thousandth Battery Storage System

German startup Sonnen shipped its 10,000th battery system this week, claiming a leading position in the global smart energy storage market as it takes on Tesla and shakes up the traditional electricity business model. Sonnen marked the milestone by gifting German homeowner Stefan Wolpert an extra 2 kilowatts of battery capacity and a free membership

Severe Flooding, Against a Background of Wind Turbines: November 2012, Tyringham, Bucks. (Image: T. Larkum)

Organic farming ‘could be key to feeding the world as global warming takes hold’

Major study finds chemical-free agriculture restores the soil and can produce higher yields than ‘conventional’ methods Organic farming – long held to be irrelevant in tackling world hunger – could be key to feeding the world as global warming takes hold, one of the biggest studies ever to be carried out into the “contentious” practice