New membership scheme announced by Chargemaster

Chargemaster, the largest operator of electric vehicle charging points in the UK, has confirmed a new subscription scheme called POLAR Plus, which will also offer members the chance to borrow the latest luxury electric cars. The expanding POLAR London and POLAR national network of over 4,000 charging points will be available to any electric motorist

Electric vehicles offer big savings on servicing

At last some data to confirm what most EV owners already suspected When fleets compare electric vehicle (EV) costs with diesel, most of the emphasis is put on the P11d price and fuel. However, there are also significant differences in service and maintenance costs. Put simply, servicing and maintenance of a fully-electric vehicle is estimated

Feeding people on our stressed planet will require a revolution

Two renowned scientists—Stanford’s Paul Ehrlich and UC-Berkeley’s John Harte — argue that feeding the planet goes way beyond food. Revolutionary political, economic and social shifts are necessary to avoid unprecedented chaos. How do you make sure billions of people around the world have access to food? You start a revolution. At least that’s what two