How is an electric car to drive?

Actually, says Renault Zoe owner Chris Alvey, it drives exactly the same – and you just plug it in each night like your mobile phone

Renault ZOE EV

Renault ZOE EV

In the spring of 2015 seven Telegraph readers were given GoPro cameras to record their lives with their ultra-low emission vehicles. Electric cars bring a host of benefits, from a £5,000 Government grant to congestion charge exemption and zero road tax. But for Chris Alvey, a university lecturer from Leicester, the best thing about his fully-electric Renault Zoe Dynamique Zen is how easily it fits into his life.

“You just need to treat it like your mobile phone,” Chris says. “You charge your phone every night. You charge your car every night.”

Chris’s Chargemaster 7kw home charge point, which came free with the car, allows a full charge in three to four hours and has drastically reduced the amount Chris spends on running a car.

“Before we bought it we were talking about £200 a month in fuel costs, plus road tax,” he says. “We don’t have any of that with this car. In terms of our electricity costs, it’s about £20 a month. It made sense from a financial point of view and from a safety point of view.”

The Zoe has all the modern safety features including airbags, parking sensors and a reversing camera. It also has a special ZE Voice system, which lets pedestrians know you’re coming when you drive at less than 18mph. Other hi-tech features include ZE Interactive, which lets you control the car’s charging from your computer and remotely operate the air-con, so that the car’s the right temperature before you get in it.

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