In 2014, Renault Sold Over 18,000 Electric Vehicles

After a few difficult years, Renault is finally moving upwards with electric car sales. Year 2014, with just over 18,000 EVs (almost 15,700 cars) sold, is still 3% down compared to 2013 (or 0% if we exclude Twizy), although the last couple of months of 2014 were really strong.

December ended with new record of over 3,300 sales (over 3,100 without Twizy) and it’s the very first time when Renault exceeded the mark of 3,000.

Growth year over year in November almost hit 50%, while in December it reached 57% for cars.

Renault Electric Car Sales (Image: InsideEVs)

Renault Electric Car Sales (Image: InsideEVs)

All the good numbers comes from one car – the ZOE, because the three other models have seen sales going down. Fluence Z.E. almost doesn’t count (out of production), Kangoo Z.E. is struggling to sell at its pace from 2012 & 2013 (28% down year over year), while Twizy again weakened by 20% to 2,450.

ZOE shines at over 11,000 and this makes it the second best selling all-electric car in Europe, just behind the Nissan LEAF.

More than half (probably ~53%) of Renault ZOE sales occurred in France. Total number of ZOEs on the roads is now over 20,000.

We believe that Renault sold over 40,000 electric cars and additionally over 14,500 Twizys for a total ~ 55,000 EVs globally to date.

Source: Inside EVs

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