BMW solar roof helps i8 drivers even when sun isn’t shining

Connected Box Keeps An Eye On Lower Electricity Prices

At the Consumer Electronics Show, BMW has announced a release window for its i Wallbox Pro that unites domestic solar power and the electricity grid. The box itself was shown off during last year’s i8 drives and it rests inside a solar carport to control the simultaneous delivery of both solar power and the electric grid energy to recharge an i8. One drive attendee wrote how the Wallbox Pro display showed that it was providing 3.4 total kW to the coupe, with 2.8 kW from the sun and 0.6 kW from the grid.

At CES, BMW said the i Wallbox Pro, brought to life by BMW DesignWorks, will be available in 2016. For homes that aren’t equipped with solar power, or when solar isn’t available, the system will draw power from the grid when it’s least expensive.

The Munich manufacturer also announced a concept storage solution using discarded batteries from its electric cars, where excess energy from solar or other sources could be held for later use for a vehicle or the home itself. BMW will be demonstrating the i Wallbox Pro at CES.

BMW i8 and Solar Car Port (Image: BMW)

BMW i8 and Solar Car Port (Image: BMW)

Source: Autoblog

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