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Fuel Included's first public event - the Steiner School Advent Fair

Fuel Included’s first public event – with a Renault ZOE at the Steiner School Advent Fair

We wanted to get the concept of Fuel Included to a different audience and so took a Renault ZOE to the Advent Fair at the Rudolf Steiner School in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.

It was a mild day and so well suited to standing outside and talking to folks as they passed.

Everyone was in festive mood, and it was gratifying to hear the level of excitement about electric cars as well as the personal commitment people had to making changes and making a difference.

Our message of reducing your personal carbon footprint at the same time as saving money was well received, and after only a few hours, we had many solid leads for electric car leasing with fuel included – essentially fixed cost motoring.

All in all a most enjoyable start to the Christmas season.

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