Electric and Hybrid in Demand on Salary Sacrifice Car Schemes

A survey of over 600 drivers by Zenith Leasedrive Group has revealed that over 61 per cent are interested in ordering an electric or hybrid car through a salary sacrifice car scheme.

Of these, 12 per cent would choose an electric car, 33 per cent a plug-in hybrid and 55 per cent a non-plug-in hybrid. Salary sacrifice car drivers can save money through selecting an alternative fuelled car, through both fuel savings and reduced tax.

The most popular electric car ordered through Zenith’s salary sacrifice car schemes is the BMW i3, followed by the Vauxhall Ampera and then the Nissan Leaf. The Toyota Prius is the most ordered plug-in hybrid, with the Lexus CT 200h being the most in demand non-plug-in hybrid car.

Andrew Kirby, Zenith’s commercial director – employee benefits schemes, commented:

“With this high level of interest in alternative fuelled cars, we expect to see many more drivers switch from diesel or petrol cars over the next 12 months. When taking into account the lower fuel costs and tax savings, they can be significantly more cost effective to run than a fossil fuelled option.”

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