Tesla Model S scores Euro NCAP five star safety rating

Despite some much overblown crash controversy in the US, the Tesla Model S has once again proved its safety credentials, adding a five star Euro NCAP score to its five star result from the US road safety authority, NHTSA.

In the latest round of safety tests, the Model S secured a five star result alongside the new Nissan Pulsar, BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and Skoda Fabia. Also tested was the Suzuki Celerio which scored a less impressive three star result.

For the Model S though the latest result reaffirms just how safe electric cars are despite overblown coverage of a number of crashes involving Model S cars last year, which might have suggested the car was a fire risk.

An investigation into fires involving the Model S by NHTSA last year, reaffirmed that the Model S was safe, although Tesla did nonetheless decide to make a few tweaks to improve the car further including adding a new titanium body shield.

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