Mercedes’ first electric car goes on sale

Mercedes-Benz has opened the order books for its first fully electric car in Germany; the new B-Class E-Cell.

Based on the combustion B-Class hatchback, the new E-Cell model is due to go on sale across Europe later this month.

But details have already emerged about price and specifications that customers in Germany can expect to enjoy, giving us a better idea of what to expect when the B-Class arrives here.

According to details emerging from Germany, the E-Cell will be available to lease from €399 a month (around £312 a month and based on a 3 year, 30,0000 kilometre contract hire agreement with a €8,473.31 deposit).

To buy the new model, costs from €39,151 (£30,621.61) – making around £8,000 more than an entry-level combustion B-Class, and therefore highly affordable once government grants are taken into account.

Strong performance

Fitted with a 132kW electric motor, offering max torque of 340Nm, the new B-Class will deliver on performance too, with a 0-62mph time of 7.9 seconds (almost as good as the best in the B-Class range, the B220 Sport 7G DCT 4MATIC, at 7.5 seconds).

There will also be a 124 mile range – comparable to that of the Nissan LEAF.

There is also a choice of three drive modes; Economy Plus, Economy and Sport.

With the lithium ion battery pack safely tucked under the floor, the B-Class offers impressive 501 litres of boot space and is offered in a choice of three trims; Style, Urban and the exclusive Electric Art.

Mercedes will also offer Range Plus as an option, which can extend the range of the E-Cell by around 18 miles. The driver simply presses the Range Plus button on the dash to extend the range. This option also include a heated windscreen, various insulation measures and heat-insulating, dark-tinted glass.

There is also an optional radar-based, regenerative braking system (€416.50) which uses data from Collision Prevention Assist Plus system to either increase or reduce to zero, as appropriate, the level of regeneration and therefore deceleration.

To protect pedestrians and cyclists, an acoustic vehicle alerting (€119) is also offered and generates a specific Mercedes-Benz sound up to a speed of 18mph.

The B-Class Electric Drive will come as standard with a charging cable for wallbox and public charging stations (faster charging, Mode 3) although a charging cable for a domestic socket will also be offered at no extra cost.

For an extra €297.50, customers can order a combination of a charging cable for a standard household socket (Mode 2) and a charging cable for wallbox and public charging stations (faster charging, Mode 3).

More details of a UK-bound B-Class E-Cell are due to be released in the coming weeks as order books are expected to be opened here too this month.

Source: Green Car Website

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