Tesla’s Model S gets new taxi role in Amsterdam

At around £50,000, a Tesla Model S is a desireable car, but hardly the sort of vehicle to bring electric driving to the masses.

As a result there are probably hundreds if not thousands of wannabe Telsa owners in the country.

But one company is giving commuters to get a chance to experience the Model S by running it as a taxi.

The Netherland’s Taxi Electric firm offers the Model S as part of its Amsterdam fleet of electric vehicles, which until now has consisted just of Nissan LEAF cars.

One of Europe’s leading markets for electric vehicles, the Model S will be right at home in Amsterdam with its new Nissan brothers; even if it is rather an unusual mini-cab.

Hiring the Model S should be easy as Taxi Electric has also just signed a deal with Cabforce – a European-wide advanced-booking service for taxis and minibuses, which helps makes it easy to book and pay for cabs while abroad.

As part of an environmentally-friendly initiative, all of the Cabforce / Taxi Electric green transport options are now flagged up under the new Cabforce Green branding.

Tommi Holmgren, co-founder of Cabforce, says:

“Our transport solutions might be green, but we’re certainly not ‘green’! We’ve got a lot of experience in this industry and we know what business travellers want – efficient, professional service with a touch of class to ensure their pre-booked journeys are always hassle free”.

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