Tesla Launches 691HP Model S P85D

An all-electric saloon that can match a McLaren F1 to 60mph for less than £100K has been announced by Tesla. Elon Musk revealed the new Model S P85D at an event in the USA. ‘D’ stands for ‘Dual Motor’ and signifies that there’s an extra electric motor in the front, driving the front wheels, in addition to the rear motor.

The new front engine adds 221hp to the 470hp rear motor, making a total of 691hp. The P85D’s peak torque figure is equally devastating – no less than 687lb ft, split 244lb ft front, 443lb ft rear.

Tesla is claiming a 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds for the P85D – succeeding in its target of equalling the McLaren F1 in the 0-60 dash. It’s also a full second faster than the P85+, which it now replaces. The instantaneous availability of torque means the P85D can pull acceleration of 1g from standstill, says Tesla.

The top speed is also significantly better at 155mph, up from 130mph for the P85. And although overall weight is up by 132kg to a whopping 2,239kg, that weight is perfectly distributed 50/50 front/rear. The car’s overall range suffers slightly, dropping to 275 miles from the current 285 miles.

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