Nissan Leaf (2016) review: We drive the UK’s most popular electric car

The Leaf combines good range with an affordable price, and it’s the UK’s most popular electric car. We drove it to find out why

2016 Nissan Leaf

2016 Nissan Leaf

You can’t move for opinion pieces on the electric car revolution. But if you’ve been paying attention to what’s actually driving on our roads, you’ll see it’s already happening. The UK– and the world – is already buying more electric cars every year and the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevrolet Bolt aren’t even here yet. But, it’s not a Tesla, BMW or Mercedes leading this EV charge, it’s a Nissan.

The Nissan Leaf outsold all other electric cars at a ratio of 2:1 in the UK last year, and it’s been the best-selling EV in the UK for the past four. And the picture is the same across the world. In December last year, Nissan announced it had sold 200,000 Leafs (not Leaves) since 2010, and the US, Japan and Europe have accounted for 90% of total Leaf sales. So what’s it actually like to live with?

I drove the world’s best-selling electric cars for two weeks, and what I found wasn’t at all what I expected. Rightly or wrongly, I expected the Nissan Leaf to be a quiet, efficient but ultimately soulless vehicle that felt like the beginning of something big. But what I drove was a fun, enjoyable car with its own personality and one that – with a little forward planning – slotted into my travelling habits perfectly. Want to know more? Read on for my full Nissan Leaf review.

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