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Calls for VAT relief on electric car ‘street charging’

Electric car owners with driveways are paying less to power their vehicles at home than those forced to rely on on-street charging points. The disparity risks “undermining the Government’s net-zero transport strategy”, claim critics. Campaigners are now calling for VAT on public charging points to be slashed from 20 per cent to the domestic rate

Help middle-class drivers make the switch to used EVs, says Auto Trader

Middle-class households will need incentives to buy used EVs in order to meet climate targets. That’s according to Auto Trader, which says the government is falling short on making the uptake of used cars, particularly used ones, attractive, unlike abroad. Used EV demand is said to be dropping thanks to increasing electricity prices, and the cost

Mythbusting the world of EVs: are energy prices killing electric cars?

With electricity prices on the rise, what’s cheaper? And what’s the underlying issue at play here? MYTH: “Energy prices are killing EVs” Spiking electricity prices have brought a spate of screaming headlines: “Shock – charging an electric car is as expensive as refuelling a diesel.” Yes, on average, the electricity price has gone skyward. But it’s still

Truth about electric cars running out – how often it happens, and how it’s fixed

Helen Skelton reignited fears of electric car blackouts this week with an Instagram post TV presenter and Strictly star Helen Skelton this week reignited questions over electric cars when she posted a video to her Instagram account showing she had broken down after running out of charge. Some people are put off switching from petrol

Charging a Nissan Leaf in the garage (Image:

EV drivers could face £1,000 replacement fee by failing to use solar compatible charger

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers may be costing themselves £1,000 in the long run by failing to install solar-compatible chargepoints, home tech manufacturer myenergi has warned. As domestic solar installation rates continue to rise – rates in 2022 tripled to those in 2021 – myenergi has called for UK households to seriously consider installing EV chargers