Two pictures of Beijing taken 24 hours apart show the Chinese capital engulfed by smog earlier this month (Image: Rex)

Climate change is the challenge of our generation

Consumers and businesses will have to be more energy-efficient and switch to alternatives to fossil fuels [From 4 December} The Paris climate change summit will conclude at the end of next week. It aims to reach an international agreement on limiting emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are contributing to global warming.

Renault electric vehicles propelled by wind power into the Outer Hebrides

10 Renault electric vehicles available to hire in the Outer Hebrides EVs powered by renewable energy generated by the islands’ wind turbines 100% electric ZOE supermini and Kangoo Van Z.E. ideal for rural and urban areas Vehicles available to hire on an hourly or daily basis New six turbine wind farm to power Outer Hebrides

Electricity supply sources Q2 2015 (Image: UK gov)

Renewables beat coal in UK electricity mix

Some good news on renewables – despite government policy. Often when we talk about countries breaking renewable energy records, we focus on momentary spikes caused by exceptionally sunny or windy days. While these records are, in and of themselves, important—they still leave a bigger question hanging: How does the electricity grid cope when the sun

Turbines tower over corn fields in Iowa (Image: D. Graham)

Technical advances making wind power viable everywhere

An interesting and detailed discussion of the technology behind wind power and how it’s changing Wind power is often described as relying on “mature technology” and, in many contexts, that’s correct. Today, well-sited wind farms in the US and EU generate electricity at a lower cost than coal. But numerous difficulties remain with the way

Pollution at Drax Coal Power Station near Selby (Image: J. Giles/PA)

Fossil industry faces a perfect political and technological storm

Fossil industry faces a perfect political and technological storm The IMF says we can no longer afford the economic wastage of fossil fuels, turning the green energy debate upside down as world leaders plan a binding climate deal in Paris The political noose is tightening on the global fossil fuel industry. It is a fair

Historical and forecast investment in renewables 2010-20 (Image: PwC)

UK Renewable Energy Investment And Generation Surges In 2014

A new report shows that renewable energy investment in the United Kingdom hit a record high in 2014, with electricity generated from renewables increasing by 20% as well. In fact, in 2014, not only did renewable energy investment hit a record of £10.7 billion, but renewable jobs increased by 9% as well. Nevertheless, the authors

Wind farm in Europe (Image: EV World)

Wind Power Could Secure Energy Independence for Britain

A new study has shown that increasing Britain’s installed wind energy capacity could go a long way to securing energy independence for the island nation. Commissioned by national trade body RenewableUK, and conducted by independent analysts Cambridge Econometrics, the report concluded that additional wind power in the country’s energy grid would make Britain’s energy supply