Test Drive: Nissan Leaf

First thing before work this morning, my wife and I travelled to the Glyn Hopkin Nissan dealership in Watford to test drive a Nissan Leaf. We had booked the test drive online (you can book a full week test drive, but need to have a recent certificate for your domestic wiring to qualify).

Glyn Hopkin Nissan Watford (Image: GlynHopkin-Nissan)

Glyn Hopkin Nissan Watford (Image: GlynHopkin-Nissan)

We were horrified to hear that the dealership had no record of the booking. However, our sales advisor saved the day by nipping off and borrowed the service vehicle which is a Nissan Leaf Accenta, their mid-range model.

Both my wife and I had a go driving this car, and were surprised by the performance of what is essentially a family car. Rapid acceleration, silent running and an active and responsive steering and braking feel made this a great drive.

Perhaps more impressive is that our sales assistant drives one, and loves it. This made for a very informed test drive. He has a long commute, and actually saves more money on petrol than he paid for the new car.

I think this will be the car for us; able to replace our car on almost all our driving and so pay for itself in fuel saving.

Image: courtesy Nissan.co.uk.

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