Renault ZOE Range Record: 142 Miles

Renault ZOE Dashboard after range record (Image: T. Larkum)

Renault ZOE Dashboard after range record (Image: T. Larkum)

It’s a year since I managed to persuade my ZOE to go 122 miles on one charge so, with the weather being mild, it seemed like a good time to try for another range record. Previously I had aimed for driving to work and back (typically 38 miles round trip) twice, and then driving around locally to make up the distance. This time I was more confident so I charged up last Tuesday night then drove to work and back on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

This time I chose a more convoluted route (about 42 miles round trip) so I could avoid long stretches with speeds above 40mph, instead travelling mostly on back roads, through villages and an industrial estate, to keep my average speed down. I had prepared by inflating the tyres to 38psi, but otherwise the car was unmodified in any way. The air conditioning was on but since I was in Eco mode it was pretty feeble as usual.

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