‘EVs will kill us all’ – Why are haters so obsessed with electric vehicles?

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but some people – no, it’s actually a lot of people – seem to really, deeply hate electric vehicles.

I know this because every time I write about one, or even mention the acronym, in a story for the country’s only national paper the comments beneath the online version of my story erupt into a frothing splurge of spleen and outrage.

I have wondered at what makes some humans so venomously vicious about the idea of cars running on electricity – other than the fact that they’re the kind of people who simply hate “change” of any kind, also sometimes colloquially known as “old people” – and that led me to wonder whether there were people who hated the original cars when they first changed the world.

Sure enough, there were plenty, particularly in America, where laws were proposed that involved any car user setting off rockets every mile that they drove and then waiting 10 minutes for the road to clear before proceeding. This was to give unhappy horse owners and pedestrians a chance to get out of the way of the evil, noisy, dust-devilling machines.

In Vermont, they actually passed a law demanding that an motor vehicle must be accompanied by a person walking in front of it at all times, waving a red flag. Even accounting for how slow cars were back then, this seems crushingly pointless and annoying.

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