MG 4 test drive If you want to go electric but have been put off by big prices, you need to take a look at the MG 4.

If you believe the research, around half of potential new car buyers want to go electric, yet the UK battery-electric market sits at just 15%. The majority are put off not by range anxiety, that old fear of being stranded with a completely exhausted battery and no three-pin plug socket within reach, but by the fact that you need to pay too much money to buy a car which is typically a compromise falling short of what you really want.


MG ZS EV (Image: Auto Express)

MG ZS EV (Image: Auto Express)

MG believes it can change all that with the MG 4 (which the company styles as MG4), the brand’s first full-electric hatchback, pitched as affordable but also practical and, shock horror, an electric car that is really fun to drive. Does it live up to the “bold new direction” billing?

What is it?

The MG 4 is an all-new model from the brand, designed to attract those who might be considering a larger supermini or smaller SUV. In looks and construction the car is like nothing MG has so far produced. It is built on a new modular platform specially designed for electric powertrains, with a thin battery pack under the floor and able to be made in several different sizes and body styles – the MG 4 is the first of a complete range of new MGs coming over the next few years, a range that will include a sports car.

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