Are rising fuel prices accelerating the shift to electric vehicles?

In recent months, the UK has seen a rapid rise in the price of filling up at the pumps – adding to the ongoing cost of living crisis affecting millions across the country. But has this helped increase the likelihood of drivers switching to electric vehicles (EVs)?

Morrisons Charge Point (Image: T. Heale)

Morrisons Charge Point (Image: T. Heale)

A survey commissioned by The Motor Ombudsman has revealed that 48% of UK car owners are concerned about owning a fuel powered vehicle due to record petrol and diesel prices – leading them to making the shift to owning a battery powered car as their next vehicle purchase.

According to recent data, the cost of filling up an average family car with a 55-litre fuel tank recently hit more than £100 for the first time.

The survey of more than 2,000 UK car owners revealed that individuals aged between 16 to 24 (64%), and those living in Greater London (65%) are amongst the most worried about petrol or diesel vehicles.

The study also found that, nationally, a similar proportion of male and female drivers (46% and 49% respectively) are apprehensive about owning a petrol or diesel vehicle at a time of soaring prices on the nation’s forecourts.

In recent years, the road to electric has accelerated at speed – with more drivers considering the benefits of switching to EVs.

If you are looking at buying an EV for your next vehicle, this guide on electric cars will provide all the information you will need.

Also, to keep an eye on the average cost of charging your electric car at a public chargepoint, check out RAC Charge Watch.

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