“The age of plentiful, affordable used electric cars is closer than you think.”

Simon Ostler from BuyaCar thinks it’s time for used car buyers to start seriously considering electric cars

Wondering whether you’re ready to go electric? The recent petrol and diesel shortages have certainly made a lot more people wonder whether now is a smart time to make the switch to an electric car. There’s an increasing selection of new electric vehicles available but long waiting lists for new cars and what appear to be high list prices for battery-powered models can be a turn off. The answer is a used electric car.

You’re probably thinking that with sales of new electric cars still representing a small proportion of the market, finding a used model of a few years old might be a challenge. This is the myth we’re here to dispel; the affordable used electric car is fast becoming a realistic prospect for everyone.

BMW i3 120Ah (Image: BMW Group)

BMW i3 120Ah (Image: BMW Group)

Second-hand EVs are more affordable and usable than ever, with older models starting to become available from less than £5,000. The growing selection of new electric cars we’ve seen in recent years means that the choice for used car buyers is increasing every day.

Opt for a used Renault ZOE that offers a real-world range of around 185 miles per charge and costs start from less than £200 per month on PCP finance (or less than £10,000), with plenty of choice from £250 per month (or £14,000). Meanwhile, the practical Nissan Leaf, the more sporty and high-tech BMW i3 and the compact and easy-to-drive Vauxhall Corsa-e can all be found from less than £300 per month (or £20,000).

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