Five electric cars that could change your life

THE current car market is starting to fill up with electric vehicles, as different manufacturers bring their own models into production.

With governments across the world, including in Scotland, incentivising EVs – and bringing into force more stringent emissions regulations for diesel and petrol-powered cars – it’s little wonder why more and more car makers are starting to make the switch.

This means there’s more choice than ever before too – but where to begin? Here’s some of the very latest models around.

Volkswagen I.D 3

Volkswagen’s brand new I.D 3 is based on a bespoke platform designed specifically for electric cars. Standard cars get a 260-mile range, though tip-top versions can achieve over 300 miles per charge. It’s packed with features and clever tech, as well as cabin which lacks any real physical ‘buttons’. This gives the whole area a modern, clean feeling.

Volkswagen ID.3 electric car (Image:

Volkswagen ID.3 electric car (Image:

Audi e-tron Sportback

The e-tron Sportback is a sleeker, more dynamic version of Audi’s latest e-tron. With a range of around 240 miles and a pleasant, high-tech interior, this is one useable – and very premium – EV option. Because it’s based on a large platform, the Sportback is impressively practical, with a huge boot and plenty of legroom space for those sitting in the back.

Lexus UX300e

Despite making hybrids for several years, the UX300e is Lexus’ first fully electric car. It’s based around its standard UX compact crossover, which brings quirky looks and a smartly-finished interior. It’s also got a range of 196 miles. Somehow, the UX300e offers more boot space than the regular UX, which goes in the face of the norm with electric vehicles. Usually, the additional batteries eat into spaciousness.

Volvo XC40 Recharge P8

Volvo has already committed to an electric future and has been busy creating hybrid versions of nearly its entire line-up of vehicles. The XC40 P8 Recharge, however, is its first electric version and arrives with typically stripped-back looks and a 249-mile range. Apart from a smoothed-off front grille, the Recharge looks largely the same as the standard XC40, which is good news for those who want an EV which doesn’t ‘shout’ about it.


The iX3 is BMW’s first electric ‘X’ model. Sitting alongside the firm’s smaller i3, it features a 285-mile range while 0-60mph will take just 6.5 seconds. Rapid charging capability means that, when possible, a 0-80% charge can be achieved in just 34 minutes. Plus, because it’s based on the X3, the iX3 offers plenty of space and practicality with a well-sized boot and a high-end cabin.

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