How Coronavirus will supercharge the electric vehicle market

There have been plenty of good news stories coming from the automotive sector since the covid-19 outbreak, including car manufacturers switching their production lines to make ventilators.

But, of course, there are concerns about the industry’s economic stability, at the beginning of April 2020 car sales were down 44 per cent.

However, there are three powerful reasons why the electric vehicle market will be supercharged by this dreadful virus and lockdown when it’s over.

Clean refuelling

Firstly, drivers will want electric vehicles because diesel and petrol forecourts will be perceived as unclean. You have to hold the pump the previous person has used, touch the screen or enter the shop to pay. With electricity you can fuel up at your own home for consumers, or at a centralised depot for fleet owners.

Charging with an Ohme smart charging cable

Charging at home

We may all want to get back to normal but some things you can’t unknow, and one of those things is how infection is transmitted.

Preserving environmental gains

Secondly, people will want to do things differently and better. Those who can afford to buy cars will want to play a part in making the world a better, greener place. Already we are seeing how nature is recovery as a result of the lockdown: “This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event,” said Fei Liu, an air quality researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre describing levels of nitrogen dioxide over China.

The nationwide shutdown has led to a big drop in air pollution across the UK’s major cities. For nitrogen dioxide pollution, new data shows that this has almost halved in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff. Transport contributes 23 per cent of global carbon emissions and driving is by far the largest element of that, contributing 72 per cent of transport carbon emissions.

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