When trains get cancelled, it’s time to pedal

I am a regular train/bike commuter cycling about 8 miles a day and doing the main part of my journey on a train. However, when all trains into Euston got cancelled last night due to a fire, I was fortunate enough to get a text from a friend saying he fancied the ride, and knew the way. I was not travelling light (still had laptop and other items in my bag), but thought “what the hell”.

I’m delighted that I did. Although a regular commuter cyclist, I haven’t done a longer ride like this for well over 15 years. I had also done a 5k run earlier that day so my legs were not the freshest (there – all my excuses up-front).

We enjoyed a beautiful route through the spring evening, which included a spectacular and steep ascent of Bison Hill near Whipsnade, well described here on thecyclehub. I have set no records as my stats below show. However, there is something very joyous about not having to depend on the rail network when things go wrong.

My cycling stats

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