Plug-in Hybrid Sales Are Exploding

People don’t want plug-in hybrid cars, the auto companies said. Plug-ins are just a stop gap solution on the way to real electric cars, the experts said. But guess what? The plug-ins are here and the manufacturers can’t keep up with demand. In Europe and the UK, demand for the new BMW 330e has far outstripped supply, Motoring reports.

Audi A3 e-tron, Mitsubishi Outlander and BMW i3 plug-ins

Audi A3 e-tron, Mitsubishi Outlander and BMW i3 plug-ins

BMW has issued this statement:

“We predicted UK sales of 2,500 for the 330e this year, but the demand was much higher than we originally anticipated. We do have high demand across other PHEV models, but it’s not to the same extent as this. Due to very strong demand, we are indeed oversubscribed on 330e. We’re working with affected parties now and will let you know more when we have it regarding future supply.”

Several UK customers have been informed their orders have been cancelled because the factory cannot keep up.

Volkswagen, mired in its diesel cheating scandal woes, has at least one bright spot of good news. It tells Motoring,

“Last year we took around 2,500 orders for the Golf GTE and that number is expected to grow appreciably through 2016. Demand comfortably exceeds supply although we have, of course, adjusted production to accommodate that increasing demand.”

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