New battery for Nissan Leaf to deliver 155-mile range

A new 30kWh battery in the Nissan Leaf will go on sale in December, delivering a claimed range of 155 miles.


It will go on sale alongside the 24kWh unit but will only be available in Acenta and Tekna trim, priced from £24,490 to £27,940 including the UK government’s £5000 Plug-in grant, which was recently extended until February 2016.

Nissan is also increasing its warranty for the 30kWh unit to an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty.

The new battery brings an increase in range of around 25% over the alternative 24kWh unit, according to Nissan. It has the same dimensions as the lesser-powered unit but is 21kg heavier. The manufacturer says this longer range is the result of the introduction of carbon, nitrogen and magnesium to the electrodes in the new unit.

Nissan expects the real-world range of the new battery to be around 12-15% less than the claimed 155 miles, representing a similar loss to the 24kWh unit. This would put the new battery’s real-world range at around the 135-mile mark.

In Acenta and Tekna trims, the 30kWh Leaf comes with a 7.0in touchscreen and the smartphone-compatible Nissan Connect EV infotainment system, which allows users to check the charge status of the car and remotely control features such as the air-con. The system the previous Car Wings set-up.

The new infotainment package includes a charging map that can show which charging points are available and which are being used. It also delivers maintainance alerts and a car-finder facility.

Exterior alterations are minimal and include a new roof-mounted aerial as well as the choice of a new bronze colour.

“It’s a game changer for Nissan,” said EV director for Europe Jean-Pierre Diernaz. “This increased range will have an impact on the perception of our electric vehicles and will open it up to a wider market.”

Diernaz also added that the Leaf range could expand in the future to new electric models.

“It’s possible,” he said. “We will take this technology, improve it, and we are looking at putting it wherever it is relevant for us as a line-up expansion, and where it is releveant for a consumer.

“This new battery is just the beginning of something bigger,” he added. “The next milestone is a range of over 180 miles.”

Earlier this year Nissan expanded the Leaf trim range with a new Acenta+ version, sitting between Acenta and range-topping Tekna priced at £24,740 including the plug-in grant.

Source: Autocar

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