More Convenient Public EV Charging From POD Point

Recently, POD Point, a supplier of electric vehicle charging stations, launched a fresh network of public charging stations in the UK.


The new public charging network will enable more convenient charging of electric vehicles. Business Green brings us the story, continuing,

“The new Open Charge network will allow EV owners to charge their cars via POD Point’s website or mobile app. It replaces the old POD Point system where users were required to scan an RFID card to initiate charging.”

Swiping a card isn’t all hat hard, but eliminating one more card from your wallet and allowing easy access via your smartphone is certainly a step forward, making charging even quicker and easier.

Erik Fairbairn, a founder of POD Point, points out how this move is about engaging more people to consider electric vehicles.

“We know that highly reliable, widely available and simple-to-use charging infrastructure will drive forward the take-up of electric vehicles,” he said. “We have listened really closely to the queries and pain points of our users, and we now have a system that is incredibly simple to use, even for new EV drivers.”

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