Bids for Go Ultra Low Cities scheme go in

As part of the Go Ultra Low Cities Scheme, twelve local authorities have launched bids to win a share of £35 million worth of government funding to improve the uptake of ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs). Each of the twelve cities or regions have put together bids for the money, which will be shared between two to four schemes and is funded from the UK Government’s £500 million Go Ultra Low funding programme.

The project aims to dramatically increase uptake of ULEVs

The project aims to dramatically increase uptake of ULEVs

The intention is to make ULEV ownership and use as easy and convenient as possible, boosting the uptake in the area and dramatically reducing emissions output from vehicles. The government is aiming to make the successful cities examples of good practice, using the initiatives put in place to lead policy in the future and be showcase regions internationally.

The twelve cities shortlisted for Go Ultra Low status are: City of York Council; Department for Regional Development of Northern Ireland; Dundee City Council; Greater London Authority; Leicester City Council; Milton Keynes Council; North East Combined Authority; Nottingham City Council; Oxford City Council Sheffield City Council; West of England; West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Now that bids have been submitted, the organisers have revealed some of the proposals put forward by the cities which, if successful, could be rolled out in other parts of the country. These include:

  1. A car scrappage scheme to replace conventionally-fuelled vehicles with ULEVs
  2. Replacing existing council fleets with pure electric and ultra low emission models
  3. Increasing ULEV salary sacrifice schemes to make ultra low emission vehicles more accessible
  4. EV carpools for public and private sector workers
  5. Energy-efficient LED street lights that double-up as electric vehicle charge points
  6. On-street community charging facilities in locations where charging is presently impractical or limited
  7. “Smartphone style” charge points with interactive screens and WiFi access
  8. Long-term EV parking at major transport hubs
  9. Enhancing usability and benefits for low-emission car club members with greater charging and parking options

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said:

“We are determined to maintain international leadership on the uptake of ultra low emission vehicles. I look forward to seeing the winning ideas for greener, cheaper cars in action. This funding for eco-cities is part of our £500 million funding programme over the next five years to support British industry and achieve our ambition of almost every car, bus and van in the UK being ultra low emission by 2050.”

Poppy Welch, Head of Go Ultra Low said,

“We’re excited by the passion and innovation demonstrated by cities across the UK, and we look forward to congratulating the UK’s first Go Ultra Low Cities. We will work closely with the winning regions to help increase motorists’ awareness of the variety, economy and practicality of ultra low emission vehicles through innovative schemes that incentivise purchase, increase use and enhance infrastructure.”

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