10 Ways to Identify a Closet Prepper

This article made me smile!

Although an increasing number of people are adapting to the realities of more expensive and declining energy, and a permanently depressed economy, many are still… shall we say, circumspect, about their activities. They may have been driven underground after encountering ridicule or denial from friends and family, or perhaps are just are leery about random people showing up at their door when crunch time arrives.

Prep-dar n. Informal 1. The keen observation skills and attention to detail which allow you to identify other people who are aware of, and covertly preparing for, peak oil. 2. A shortened version of “prepper radar”.

So how do we find these fellow prep enthusiasts, so we can join forces, help each other, and make our communities stronger? You could check out your local Transition initiative, or search online for a peak oil meet-up in your area. However, some of these undercover peak-oil-preparers may be people you already know…. friends, acquaintances, work buddies, even family – you just have to figure out who they are.

(Image: D. Bacon/Shutterstock/Economist)

Oil Mountain (Image: D. Bacon/Shutterstock/Economist)

To help you find them, here are the top ten clues that should set your Prep-dar buzzing. You might know a closet prepper if he or she:

10. Gives you a Bo-Go flashlight, first-aid kit, or copy of Just In Case: How to be self-sufficient when the unexpected happens for Christmas.

9. Knows the difference between the IEA and the EIA; and/or calls the EIA “the most incompetent bungling liars in the government.”

8. Is overheard exclaiming “But Sharon Astyk/Richard Heinberg/James Howard Kunstler/Dmitry Orlov/Matt Simmons/Gail the Actuary says ____________!”

7. Sends you articles published by The Oil Drum, Energy Bulletin, or Life After the Oil Crash , “FYI.”

6. Stores any type of food in a bucket.

5. Is fired after a happy hour at which she tells the boss he’ll be doing hard labor when “TSHTF.”

4. Privately admits to cashing out their entire 401(K) to purchase gold, ammunition, and prime farmland.

3. Complains of marital discord arising from arguments about the number of chickens that might fit on a quarter-acre lot, or the excessive amount of lawn which has been converted to okra production.

2. Tends to use terms like Cantarell, TEOTWAWKI or Hirsch Report after a few glasses of wine.

and finally…..

1. Offers to share seeds, teach you to can tomatoes, help you compost, build a raised garden bed, plant a fruit tree for you, car-pool, chop firewood, give you fresh eggs, set up a rain barrel, or show you how to use a solar cooker.

In that case, who cares if they know about peak oil – you want to be their friend!

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