Electric Car Drivers Will Never Go Back to Petrol

News from Ford in the US (but note that unfortunately the Ford Focus Electric is still not available in the UK)

Fully nine out of 10 electric-car drivers say they won’t go back to cars with internal-combustion engines, according to a new Ford survey.

2015 Ford Focus Electric

2015 Ford Focus Electric

The results included responses from 10,000 drivers of both battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

It found that 92 percent of battery-electric drivers, and 94 percent of plug-in hybrid drivers, plan to purchase another plug-in car as their next vehicle.

More often than not, that specifically means a battery electric car, Stephanie Janczak–Ford’s Manager of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Technology–said in a recent interview with CleanTechnica.

Janczak noted that most current all-electric drivers said they would stay with that type of car, while plug-in hybrid owners were more inclined to consider switching to an all-electric vehicle.

The driving experience, and an appreciation of clean technology, were cited as the main reasons for staying electric, she said.

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