Breaking Down the Barriers to Driving an Electric Car

Many drivers looking to get a new car are considering a plug-in – either an all-electric car or a plug-in hybrid – but are reluctant to make the change. A new business, Fuel Included, specialises in supplying electric vehicles and helping drivers through the transition.

The process begins with an ‘orientation’ session at a local dealer which includes a walk-around of an electric car. Then comes a test drive in the car – this always goes very well as the quiet, smoothness and performance of an electric vehicle never fails to impress. After this, most drivers are sold on the idea of upgrading to electric power, though they may decide for reasons of range that they want a plug-in hybrid (with a backup petrol engine) rather than a pure electric.

Even after the car is ordered, Fuel Included provides help and support. This is primarily in four ways. Firstly, by helping to arrange the installation of a suitable charge point in the customer’s home – usually either in the garage or on an outside wall.

Secondly, advice is provided on a suitable electricity supply tariff (taking into account the costs of overnight versus daytime charging, and any opportunities for using renewable energy). Thirdly, Fuel Included applies on the customer’s behalf for an appropriate selection of access cards for public charging points. Typically this covers at least one nationwide rapid charger network and one standard speed network.

Finally, throughout the ordering and delivery stage, and then during the first 6 months of ownership, Fuel Included provides help through a dedicated email and telephone support service. There is also useful additional information on its website (

Trevor Larkum, Managing Director of Fuel Included, puts it in this way:

“Drivers who change to electric find there was never anything to worry about. As is well known, most drivers who have gone electric can never be comfortable returning to driving a noisy and polluting car, and themselves become enthusiasts ready to persuade friends and family to make the same switch.”

With this kind of encouragement and help any driver can be confident of a smooth and painless transition to electric driving.

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