Innovative on-street EV charging solutions

While around 70% of UK households have access to an off-street location which can potentially be used for charging an EV, around 30% of UK households (40% in London) do not have a suitable location for home-based, overnight EV charging. This is potentially a significant barrier for EV adoption given the early stages of UK market development.

For EV-owning households with no off-street parking provision, the technical options and level of financial support are limited. While, in principle, local authorities are able to apply for funding to install an on-street charge point close to the EV-owner’s property, recent information from the DfT reveals that only two local councils have opted to provide this type of support.

Given that on-street units are also costly to purchase and install, the challenge therefore is to develop innovative and low-cost EV charging solutions for households and residential areas where no off-street parking/ charging facilities exist.

General Electric Watt Station Charge Post (Image: GE)

General Electric Watt Station Charge Post (Image: GE)

This white paper therefore outlines five possible alternative options which, depending on context, could provide safe, low-cost EV charging solutions for households with no off-street parking:

1. Cable channels and guides
2. Drop kerbs
3. ‘Pop-up power’ units and ‘power bollards’
4. Street lighting – shared power supplies
5. Shared EV-parking solutions

While, relevant legal and regulatory factors would have to be checked as would electrical safety, insurance and liability issues, it is hoped that the alternatives outlined will provide local authorities with new approaches to supporting the use of electric vehicles within their respective areas of influence.

This white paper is published jointly with Ecolane Consultancy.

Download: White paper: Innovative on-street EV charging solutions

Source: Next Green Car

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