2020 Renault Zoe (Image: Renault)

New Renault Zoe Tries To Shatter Range Anxiety In Funny Ad

Thanks to the constant evolution of battery technology and the constantly increasing number of charging stations in the Western world, electric vehicles have become easier to live with. However, despite some of them having an autonomy comparable to gasoline-powered cars, range anxiety still remains a concern for many potential customers. This is where Renault has

Kia e-Niro EV (Image: Kia)

You can now compare running costs for electric and petrol cars

The figure – dubbed ‘miles per pound’ (mpp) – reveals how much a car can travel for £1 of petrol, diesel or electricity. Electric cars travel up to three times the distance of their petrol or diesel rivals for the same amount of money, according to research. With interest in electric cars rising, many potential

Scottish Fire & Rescue ZOE (Image: Renault)

All-Electric Renault ZOE Comes to the Aid of the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Scottish Fire & Rescue Service orders 45 Renault ZOEs Renault ZOE will be used to help spread important safety messages across Scotland Renault ZOE the first zero-emissions-in-use vehicle to be added to the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service fleet Order represents the beginning of the organisation’s drive to have an all-electric fleet The all-electric Renault