Electric cars perform better in winter conditions than petrol alternatives

As the snow begins to settle across parts of the UK, motoring experts have investigated how well electric cars perform in slippery conditions, with results showing that EVs may have an advantage during the current cold snap.

A new investigation from car buying and selling marketplace carwow showed that  perform better in slippery wintry conditions, giving them another advantage in the current cold snap. Carwow’s latest findings also serve as a timely reminder of how important it is drivers check their cars’ carefully, particularly in the current climate.

The findings are showcased in the latest video released on carwow’s YouTube channel that pits an electric Audi RS e-tron GT against the petrol powered Audi RS3 and RS6 as the three cars face a series of challenges driving up an indoor ski slope.

All three cars are equipped both with four-wheel drive and Pirelli P Zero winter tyres, which have a specially formulated tread design and rubber compound to improve grip in cold, poor-traction conditions.

Despite these equal footings, the electric e-tron GT proved itself markedly superior in carwow’s tough challenges, being able to put its power down more effectively, and beating the RS3 and RS6 in an uphill drag race as a result.

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