One in seven cars bought in August were EVs

Electric car sales in August accounted for one in seven of new cars registered, according to new data from New Automotive.

While internal combustion engines (ICE) registrations have maintained steady in August, the electric vehicle (EVs) market continues to grow. It accounted for 14.48% of the market with 8,926 EVs registered in August, an increase of more than 2,000 on August 2021.


MINI Cooper Concept (Image: MINI)

MINI Cooper Concept (Image: MINI)

More motorists are looking to reap benefits of owning an EV amid the rising cost of living, and while hybrid sales continue to fall, EVs have grown at the expense of that market as more customers opt for a fully electric car instead of an hybrid.

“As the cost of living crisis worsens, UK motorists continue to turn towards cheaper-to-run electric vehicles,” said Ben Nelmes, co-founder and head of policy at New Automotive.

“Even with the increase in the Ofgem price cap for electricity in October, EVs will continue to offer running cost savings compared to ICE models.”

In July, total sales of electric cars in 2022 had already passed totals for the entirety of 2020, despite July being the first full month since government scrapped its plug-in car grant on 14 June.

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