InstaVolt opens its first ultra-rapid EV charging hub in Wales

InstaVolt has opened its latest ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging hub at the Rhug Estate, in Wales.

The site, which sits on the A5, includes eight ultra-rapid 120kW InstaVolt chargers, boosting EV facilities in an underserved part of Britain. According to a report from the Department for Transport in April 2022, Denbighshire has an exceptionally low ratio of EV charging devices to its population.

“As electric vehicle usage continues to rise, there is a significant desire for rapid charging points across Wales, to address the regional disparities that exist within the EV charging network,” said Adrian Keen, CEO of InstaVolt.

“Our work with the Rhug Estate fills an urgent geographical need for rapid EV charging, and we’re pleased to expand our footprint in the region with our first InstaVolt hub in Wales.”

The site has been opened ahead of the summer holiday period, with the companies anticipating increased demand due to staycations. It sits three miles west of Corwen, where traffic from Manchester and Chester meets the main A5, making it a strategic location for those visiting West Wales.

Drive Energi 50kW Tritium Veefil-RT chargers (Image: Drive Energi)

Drive Energi 50kW Tritium Veefil-RT chargers (Image: Drive Energi)

“It is great to be going live with our car charging points by InstaVolt, we have been asked by customers every day when they will be live so there has been a great deal of anticipation around the opening!” said Lord Newborough, owner of Rhug Estate.

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