Long distance driving in an electric car

Planning for a long-distance drive in your electric car doesn’t have to be a headache. Here’s everything you should consider before you set off.

While petrol and diesel drivers have recently faced fuel anxiety, the range anxiety that comes with driving an electric car has been around much longer and is still a real concern for many, whether they own an electric car or are simply contemplating one.
Range anxiety can be conquered though, so let’s break down what needs to be considered to keep your mind at ease if you’re planning a long-distance drive in a plug-in car.

How far can you travel on a full charge?

Nissan Leaf (Image: Qurren/Wikipedia)

Nissan Leaf (Image: Qurren/Wikipedia)

The first thing to consider when planning a long-distance journey in an electric car is how long the battery will last on a full charge.
Of course, the ideal scenario would be to make the journey on a single full charge and recharge overnight while you catch some Zs but, if your range doesn’t quite cut it, you’ll be able to plan out where to make that tactical first stop to recharge and how many times you’ll need to stop along the way to your destination. Depending on the make and model, weather conditions, and your driving style, you can expect to have a range of anywhere between 100 and 300 miles from a fully charged electric car. The UK’s best-selling electric car this year is none other than the Tesla Model 3, having sold over 22,000 units by 1st December and topping the best-selling car list back in September. This sought-after beauty comes with a range of 360 miles, which could get you from Cambridge to Edinburgh on a full charge, so depending on where you’re heading, you wouldn’t have to make many stops, if any at all!
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