How wireless charging can take the hassle out of EV fleets

Sprint Power is currently developing a series of wireless charging models for a government-backed trial in Nottingham, with this to demonstrate the suitability of wireless charging for a fleet of electric taxis.

Specifically, Sprint Power is developing an electrical distribution system, a power distribution module and a high voltage harness assembly that will enable the taxis to charge wirelessly via pads attached to the ground.

Ben Russell, commercial director at Sprint Power, explained to Current± that the trial is focused on fleet vehicles such as taxis that have a low dwell time, with wireless charging able to help further the electrification of these vehicles.

For taxis, charging can be an issue particularly at taxi ranks. Russell gave the example of a taxi pulling into a taxi rank, plugging in to a charger and then as it moves up the rank, unplug and plug into the next one.

“It’s just not going to be something you’re going to see drivers warming to,” he said. “It’s an extra headache that they don’t want to have to deal with.”

There’s therefore a need to cater for the needs of these types of fleet drivers who need to charge wherever and whenever they can. While many fleets have the opportunity to charge overnight, those such as taxis don’t necessarily have that eight hour window overnight, particularly as some taxi drivers will share their vehicle with other drivers.

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