UK passes 25,000 EV chargers milestone

New data from Zap-Map has found that there are now 25,122 electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints across the UK.

This is across 15,875 locations, with 508 chargers added within the last month.

Between the end of 2016 and 2020 there was an increase of 220% in the number of public chargers, Zap-Map found.

The biggest market share of UK chargepoints by one network alone is ubitricity with 14.7%, followed by Pod Point (12.5%), BP Pulse (11%) and ChargePlace Scotland (7.6%).

IONITY rapid charge points at Leeds Skelton Lake Services (Image: IONITY)

IONITY rapid charge points at Leeds Skelton Lake Services (Image: IONITY)

However, this changes when looking specifically at rapid chargers, with Tesla Supercharge being the singe network with the largest share (15.9%). BP Pulse is a close second with 15.5%, followed by InstaVolt (12.7%) and ChargePlace Scotland (9.4%).

There are 4,675 rapid chargers in the UK, according to Zap-Map’s figures, with this split across 3,020 locations.

Meanwhile, London has the most chargers overall with 30.3%. The South East is next at 13.1%, followed by Scotland (10.5%) and the South West (7.2%).

Earlier today, Zap-Map announced it has partnered carbon data science firm Advanced Infrastructure for the development of a low carbon route tracker. This is to provide carbon intensity for individual chargepoints based on real-time grid data.

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